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Custom Design

Indoor Tropical Garden Design & Maintenance in Greater Hamilton

At Tropical Paradise Gardens in Hamilton, Mike helps you create the tropical garden of your dreams. From plant and pot selection to arrangement and maintenance, Mike’s knowledge of tropical plants and his installation and maintenance experience will guide the way. 

What Mike Does 


  • Provides plants and flowers best suited for your space based on the amount of natural light and humidity there is in the room.  

  • Creates flower arrangements based on his extensive knowledge of which plants grow well together.

Plant Nursery

Mike’s Planters

The only pots and planters that Mike uses in his tropical plant designs use the Lechuza Sub-Irrigation System

With this system, all you need to do is add water and food into a reservoir, and the planter and roots do the rest. A water supply shaft at the top allows you to water with ease and without a mess, and a water indicator tells you when to do so. A removable liner in most of the planters allows you to work on a plant without damaging the planter or to transfer plants from pot to pot. A special growing medium called Pon is used in this system. It is made from pumice stone, zeolites and lave. It also contains slow-release fertilizer that keeps your plant nourished for up to a full year.


Puro Planters

Puro planters are sleek and clean ball-shaped pots that come in two elegant colours: white and charcoal. The smaller size is ideal for table plants such as peperomia and orchids. The large Puro planters are excellent floor planters for living rooms and other communal spaces. Wheels can be added to make moving large plants a breeze. 


Cubico Floor Planters

Cubico floor planters are ideal for offices and showrooms. They are glossy rectangular receptacles that can be up to 3.5 feet high, which allows you to benefit from shorter plants while still creating height. Cubico planters are appropriate for a variety of plants and are very effective for drawing attention upwards. They come in a variety of colours and heights. They can be used as dividers or the perfect accent to home or office décor. 


Deltini Planters

Deltini Planters are sleek pots in two different sizes that fit on tables and windowsills that are only 4.5 inches wide. They also use the Lechuza watering system, which allows orchids to grow two or even three times taller than in other planters.   


Cararo Planters

Cararo Planters are large, tall rectangular boxes that come equipped with wheels that cannot be seen when you look at the planters. They also come equipped with the bottom watering system, which does wonders for the prevention of leaf-tip browning and drying out. An abundance of Pon will keep whatever is planted inside a Cararo planter stable for months.


Other Planters

Diamante Floor Planters are beautiful shiny, textured pots for the floor. They stand 30 inches high and are 16 inches wide.

Maxi Cubi is another pot excellent for windowsills and desks. The continuous feed from Lechuza Pon and the right light facilitate year-round anthurium blooming and excellent growing of a wide range of plants.

Cottage Planters have a woven finish and come in three colours. They come in 22- and 30-inch heights. Wheels can be added if you want to move them from time to time. The sub-irrigation system means you can go a full month without watering your flowers. 

Delta 10 and 20 are narrow planters that fit on shelves, sills, and cabinets. They can add height and colour to any room divider. There is enough room to grow up to three plants, even orchids, in one planter.   

Classico LS are versatile planters in 5 sizes (from 9 inches to 20 inches) and 6 glossy finishes that can fit into almost any décor. They contain liners for ease of care.

Classico 60 and 70 are heavy weight round planters that are ideal for indoor trees. They come in a variety of colours and two sizes: 24 and 28 inches in diameter. Wheels can be added for ease of transport. The Lechuza sub-irrigation system and Pon help prevent leaf drop, which is perfect for malls and other busy indoor places.  

Fiberglass planters are required for extremely tall plants like amate schefflera that can grow up to 30 feet high.

Mike can provide you with all the pots, Pon, and plants you need. Contact him for a free consultation and quote.


Ready for Your Own Tropical Paradise?

Call Mike for custom plant and garden design.

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