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Tropical Leaves

Our Story

A Lifetime of Plants

Since I was a 7-year-old boy wandering in the back woods of my suburb home, my focus has been on working with the most beautiful creations of the forest floor, such as the ferns and flowers that speckled the ground with elegance. Now, years later, I have worked in office plant maintenance for over 44 years, including 29 in my own business called Tropical Paradise Gardens. 

TPG has been a business of success right from the start, for the Creator of all living things has increased it and in my later years, inspired the creation of a plant food that is as valuable as SILVER and GOLD. Why? Because the RESULTS it generates in living trees, shrubs, tropical plants, and flowers are priceless and crystal clear. You can try it for free to see how well it works.  

I offer my TPG plant food on this site as well as my decades of horticultural experience and wisdom that can be applied to maintain plants in your office or home. 

I do not have employees or a greenhouse operation. TPG is a work of love and of destiny that allows me to share my secrets of success with you. There is nothing more life-giving.

Best wishes,

Mike Gauvreau

President of Tropical Paradise Gardens

Three Plants

Answers From Mike

  • Why have plants in the office?
    I don't have to tell you that! They are beautiful, inspiring and on top of that they add life-giving oxygen to your lungs, so you think more clearly, and you don't feel lifeless at the end of a workday at the office.
  • Why have a specialist take care of the plants for you?
    Because plants that are dusty, yellowing, infested, and dying eliminate the smile you had on your face when they were brand new! All you see is problems when you thought it was going to be easy to look after them. I specialize in keeping plants looking and living their best.
  • Why obtain your office plants from Tropical Paradise Gardens?
    Because I know what kinds of plants/trees and flowers to use, and I have the plant food that will make them work in your space. My plants speak louder than words, so I won't say anything more here – just contact me for help with your plant needs.
  • Why hire Tropical Paradise Gardens to maintain office plants for you?
    IMPORTANT FACET OF INDOOR PLANT MAINTENANCE. It is having all the tools at hand that you’re going to need to do a PROFESSIONAL JOB. I wear this (tool belt) and use every bit of it to maintain client office and residential plants. Tropical paradise Gardens TOOL BELT has everything needed to do a professional maintenance job for all my office and residential clients. WOW – that’s a lot of stuff. Here’s what it has from left to right: zipper pocket filled with orchid stake clamps sponge for cleaning spills soft rubber staking wire scissors for trimming and pruning red spray bottle with weed treatment white spray bottle for soil fungus treatment two 500 ml TPG Plant Food fertilizer bottles leather case for iPad mini to keep in touch with customers 4 – 60 ml FREE sample bottles of TPG Plant Food to give away + cards sprayer for shinning foliage and treating infestations with organics roll of twist-tie wire for tying up plants to keep them straight yellow pruners for cutting off unwanted branches duster for keeping your plants dust-free and spreading the plant shine! I wear this onsite to give your professional results all the time!

Service Area:

Toronto West/ Mississauga/ Oakville/ Hamilton/Dundas/Milton/ Burlington/ Ancaster/ Stoney Creek/ Guelph/ Cambridge/ Kitchener, Ontario. 

If you are located within the boundaries of this wide area, give me a call or email for a free quote to supply and maintain tropical indoor plants/flowers/trees in your office, shopping mall, retirement home, or home!

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