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Planting a Plant

Plant Food

A Lifetime of Plants


TPG plant food grew out of 40 years of plant care. It is an organic mix created by Mike Gauvreau that will have an almost instant effect on all your indoor and outdoor plants from flowers to trees and even grass. “It works on everything with the same results,” says the creator. “No exceptions, not even cacutus and succluents!”

White Orchids

TPG Simplifies Orchid Care

To help orchid roots thrive, mix TPG plant food as per the instructions then pour it over the top of the orchid to make sure all the roots get soaked. Next, pour in water until there is about half an inch of the bottom of the greenhouse pot the orchid is planted in. Leave it immersed in the water for 2 weeks, then pour out any water that remains and use a fresh batch of fertilized water. By allowing your orchid to sit in water that contains this fertilizer, it thrives. The roots do not rot, as they would if they sat in plain water. Scroll down to order your free sample or visit our shop page to buy a bottle.

How it Works

The main ingredient of TPG plant food is 10ppm colloidal silver water, which kills all harmful bacteria, molds, and fungus that stop the roots from functioning to maximum capacity and leaves all beneficial microbes intact. The other ingredients of the food (seaweed, molasses, liquid calcium, and phosphoric acid) interact with these microbes to break down the nutrients of the soil and the plant food that the roots can soak up.
This is not just a plant food! With the micro-particle silver ions, all plant diseases and even plant pests can be eliminated from the root system! Just double the dosage rate and it will also work to kill harmful insects like scale and spider mites on the plant itself because this ideal plant food generates a systemic reaction in the plant to give it the power to fight off those insects that are trying to eat it alive.

Here’s What Others Have Found

This is fabulous stuff! I applied it double strength to the soil of my indoor trees that were infested with spider mites and mealy bugs and the bugs are disappearing! It has a systemic effect that seems to give the trees the ability to produce their own toxic elements the bugs don't like so they just die off! NO DIRECT SPRAYING OF THE FOLIAGE NECESSARY! Plus the trees are growing beautiful healthy foliage like never before!
M. Ellison, Burlington, Ontario

My orchids are marvelous now that I am using TPG Plant Food. I just do what Mike recommends and let the bottom one inch of the orchid greenhouse pot just sit in the water with the plant food in it to his recommended rate of 1tablespoon for 2 gallons of water. The roots are NOT ROTTING! They are fabulous with new healthy white and yellow colour and the blooms keep growing new ones at the tips! CAN'T BELIEVE THIS WORKS SO WELL BY JUST SITTING IN THE FERTILIZED WATER! RATE THIS 5 STARS! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  

F. Giroux, Hamilton, Ontario

This plant food is great. I water in the morning and by the late afternoon soon plants grow a few inches. I’ve already picked a handful of my beans indoors. My pepper plants are about to have their flowers. I thought I had lost a loofa sponge seed, surprisingly it’s more than a foot long.  I won’t be going back to the other brands of plant food. It’s booster juice, but for plants!
Alicia V, Freelton, Ontario 


Try it Yourself

Get a free sample (plus shipping) of TPG plant food almost anywhere in Canada by filling out the following eform. To order more TPG plant food, please visit our shop page.

Please note, if Mike is the contractor looking after your office plants, please enter the name of the business you are employed at to have free delivery. Mike will deliver your order in person! Also, if you live in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Kitchener, Cambridge, or Milton, you might also qualify for free delivery. If Mike goes by your area while servicing his indoor plant maintenance clients, he will contact you about delivery.

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