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Office and Commercial Plant Services Around Hamilton

In addition to brightening up your office, plants can also improve the well-being of your employees and your clients, for they help filter the air and add a focal point of energy and colour into the space. The shapes, scents, and shades of plants have also been proven to help with creativity and energy. Plants can also provide attractive visual and sound barriers between workstations while helping to regulate the temperature and humidity in the office.


If you have or want a plant or indoor tropical garden in your office or commercial space, call Mike at Tropical Paradise Gardens to help select and care for them. We provide:

  • scheduled maintenance

  • the plants and flowers best suited for your space

  • help for office plant problems/dying plants

  • specially formulated plant food


Consultations and quotes are free.

Cozy Office

What Our Clients Say

In 2005 our facility had almost no plants, and the few we did have were in poor condition primarily due to finding the time and expertise to maintain them.  In 2005 I contracted Mike and his company Tropical Paradise Gardens.  Mike, with his caring attitude and expertise has transformed our facility into a horticultural masterpiece.  Mike ensures there is always something beautiful blooming and the plants are lush and healthy.  We have received hundreds of compliments over the years from our clients, visitors and staff.  Mike is dependable, dedicated and extremely passionate about his work and it clearly shows, Oakville Senior Citizens Residence has never looked better! At OSCR we have the luxury of having all the benefits that the plants bring to our facility without the responsibility – thank you Mike!

Angela Katunas, Chief Executive Officer
Oakville Senior Citizens Residence, Oakville  

We have worked with Mike from Tropical Paradise Gardens for longer than my eight and a half years with our family owned and operated businesses.  The results he has brought to our three showrooms are simply awesome.  The plants he helped us to choose to change the atmosphere in our showrooms and our clients often let us know how warm Tropical Paradise Gardens has made our stores feel.  Simply put, Mike and Tropical Paradise Gardens have made our stores a nicer place to do business. Thank you, Mike!
Ilya Pinassi, VP Operations 
Parkway Motors, Hamilton

Michael is very professional and gives the best advice for indoor and outdoor plants.
Concierge at Hilton Garden Inn, Oakville


Our Commercial Clients


Want to Liven Up the Office?

We can help you find the right plants for your space.

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