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Reach Your Goals with Our
Online Life Coaching Platform

Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Unlock Your Potential is a leading online coaching platform that offers a wide range of highly qualified coaching to women of all ages across the globe. Our goal is to empower our clients by continuously delivering an exceptional service. Our comprehensive coaching services are carefully thought out. Whether your goals are personal or professional, our group coaching will be able to address your specific needs, and will accompany you as you work on your personal well-being.


We understand that life can get hectic sometimes, which is why our services are delivered entirely online to suit your convenience and flexibility. Our virtual coaching sessions for women are meant to help you seize control of your life, work through the barriers that are keeping you from reaching your full potential, and fulfill the personal and professional goals that matter the most to you.


Email us to schedule an appointment and let us guide you on a transformative journey that will empower you to break the barriers to your success, and help you become your best self.


We offer both personal and professional coaching services. We can help you with:

  • Career coaching, 

  • Leadership coaching,

  • Skill development coaching,

  • Personal development,

  • Life coaching,

  • Emotional and mental well-being,

  • Achieving personal milestones,

  • and much more through

7 Weeks

Ignite Your Flame Within (Unlock a New You)

Unlock a New You is a 16-week course that addresses the 4 most important areas of transformation, which are mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. By going through each level, you will be on your way to mastering the 4 domains of life and learning about the interconnection of each in order to create the profound change for which you are searching.

Month 1: 

The Emotional Level

As we break down the emotional barriers, we begin to have deep conversations in a supported group, discovering what beliefs you have from your past about money, not being good enough, work, relationships, family, and rich people. We examine past life events and allow the emotions and feelings to be released. As you start to release them with compassion and empathy, you will then begin to heal.

Month 3:

The Behavioral (Physical)

You will look at your self-judgement and at what motivates you to feel or act a certain way. We will examine the limiting beliefs that slow you down, and identify your avoidance trap of people-pleasing, over-achieving, and unhealthy boundaries. We will seek to learn why you avoid taking risks, and we will address these unexpected emotions and limiting beliefs, which will allow you to understand yourself better and feel motivated.

Month 2:

The Mental Level

You will reframe your thoughts by finding out what happened to you, and what you made it mean. When you discover this, you will release it as we support you. You will learn how to think better thoughts by releasing your expectations and emotional beliefs. You will realize that you are enough and that you deserve to be loved.

Month 4:

The Spiritual Level

You don't need to have a set of religious beliefs for you to continue in your journey: just be open to the idea that there is something out there, that there is love, kindness, etc. In this final month, you will learn how to stop fighting with yourself and learn acceptance. You will learn that spirituality is truth and love coming together. You will start to change the way you think. You will open to the idea that everyone and everything is a teaching that evolves you as a soul, and, in turn, your life and consciousness.

Once you have learned all of these things, you will be a different person capable of creating positive change in your life.

Duration: 16 weeks (4 months)

Cost: $2,000.00

Bonus Offers:

1st Bonus $500 off the launch period.

2nd Bonus a FREE One-on-One consultation (worth $1,000)

3rd Bonus a surprise healing session

4th Bonus private women's circle facebook group

(Value $997)

5th Bonus 4 live coaching/Q&A sessions with Melissa (Value $ 3,997)

6th Bonus During prelaunch; you will get $300 off your first retreat

Here's A Bold Question For You:

Who could you be in 16 weeks?  

If you show up, commit to yourself, and do the inner work, Anything is possible...


I believe it is time to unlock deep, fast, life-changing results for Women. While identifying and releasing women's blocks to unleash their highest potential.


I can tell you, that once you begin to unlock those blocks, all the trauma, doubt, confusion and limitations you believed you had will one by one, simply fall away...


And you'll not only be able to live better in life. You will start thinking differently and looking at life differently. And realize you are able to accomplish the things you've always wished you could, and other things you haven't even dreamed about yet!


This is a new way of living life and a new way of thinking.


You will feel deeply moved and recharged. Ready to take on life with enthusiasm, a new sense of Freedom and so much more if you allow yourself.


So come take a deep dive into your inner self with me...


We will set a structured practice you can take with you...

You could leave learning love, support, and friendship as all of you come together in a group...

While becoming mindful, peaceful and grounded. You will feel fully free to be yourself.

Each of you will leave with your own unique experiences...

We suggest you bring a:

  • Water bottle

  • Book to journal in

  • Pen

  • Open mind

  • No judgment

  • Willingness to explore your inner self.


* The first 5 people who sign up and pay will receive a special bonus: a FREE 1-on-1 with me (worth $1,000)


Looking forward to meeting you,


Much Love ❤


Take control of your well-being

Reach your full potential with our online coaching services.





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