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Out of This World

A "Wonder" poem written by Claire Hansmann, a grade 9 student living in British Columbia, Canada. Claire is a voracious reader, enjoys creative writing and drawing in her free time. This poem inspires the reader to look twice at the beauty of nature and hopefully it will make us think twice about how we are treating our ocean and lakes.


Out Of This World

by Claire Hansmann

Have you ever seen


in your life

more peaceful

than the stillness of a lake,

every morning,

waiting and waiting

for the wind to come play

and the birds to start swimming,

or the Sun's rays

to illuminate its surface

with the dawning light

again and again,

after giving the stars

a chance to transform the lake

into a piece of the galaxy

that fell from the sky years ago,

when, in the midst of a storm, its waters

raging, reshaping it into a drop from the


and have you felt for anything such

wild wonder--

do you believe there is a place, in any

corner of the universe,

that compares to this sight that fills you with

awe akin to what you feel

when standing

on the shore of the lake,

gazing out at the a reflection of both

the sky and the sea

as it stares back at you.

full of curiosity--

or have you too turned your back on the

beauty left behind in this world--

or have you too

started dreaming

for things

out of this world?

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