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Comox Valley’s Go-to Service Providers for Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is not a DIY job! The complex and high-risk nature of the work necessitates the need for professionals. That’s where Eli & Sons Plumbing and Heating comes into the picture. Our team of certified gas fitters offers safe, reliable, and meticulous gas fitting services in Comox Valley, Campbell River, and Parksville. We understand that when it comes to working with gas lines, even minor negligence can lead to hazardous outcomes. That’s why we adopt a strict detail-oriented approach to completing the job. We meet the highest safety standards and are always up to date with the latest code and equipment to provide dependable solutions. Contact us now to hire our services.


Icon for gas line additions

Gas Line Additions

From installing gas lines in new constructions to making repairs during renovations, our team can offer a range of services related to gas lines. Call us for gas line additions today!

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Outdoor Gas Lines and Fire Pits

We can install outdoor gas lines so you can easily use your BBQs, grills, and more. We can also install and maintain gas-run outdoor fire pits to make your evening gatherings all the more enjoyable.

Icon for gas furnaces and boilers

Gas Furnaces and Boilers

Our team of qualified technicians has enough experience to install, repair, and maintain noth gas furnaces and boilers. If you need any help, simply reach out to a member of our team, and we’ll be right with you.

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Gas Fireplaces and Heaters

Gas fireplaces and heaters are efficient options for heating a space. Apart from installing these two, we can also help you with gas patio heaters, pool heaters, earthquake valves, and more.

Looking for a Licensed Gas Fitter?

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