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Constructing Safe and Beautiful Outdoor Stairs in the Cowichan Valley

Building stairs can be a real challenge for some. It requires proper planning to end up with a safe and pleasing look. You can trust the landscaping experts at Leftshore Landscape Contracting because we have skilled professionals who can design and construct beautiful and safe outdoor stairs for all types of applications in the Cowichan Valley.

We can build a variety of stair options depending on your style and budget, and there are many choices for surfacing the steps. Slate, brick and slabs are the most commonly used stair surfacing material. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your landscaping project.

A close-up view of the entry gate steps

Deck and Patio Steps and Staircases

Trust our expert landscapers for complete deck, patio, or porch steps or stairway installation and rebuilding.

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