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Improve Your Smile with Dentures

Our denturist provides you with dentures that perfectly mimic the look and function of natural teeth.

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Get Top-grade Services from our Denture Clinic in Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons, Red Water, Vegreville, and Surrounding Areas

Dentures are removable, personalized replacements for your missing teeth. Although you would require some time to get used to dentures, and they may not feel as natural as real teeth, dentures today are more pleasant and natural-looking than before. Dentures are an excellent option for patients who are missing several teeth since dentures can be customized to fit each patient's unique mouth shape. People often take speaking and eating for granted until they lose their natural teeth, but using dentures will make these tasks more comfortable for you.

Our denturist at Fort Saskatchewan Denture Clinic can assist you in obtaining suitable dentures that improve your oral function and appearance. Whether you need complete dentures or partials, our courteous staff ensures to make the appointment and insurance procedure as efficient and uncomplicated as possible. Our denture clinic also serves clients in Gibbons, Red Water, and Vegreville as well. If you’re looking for a reliable denture clinic in Fort Saskatchewan, contact us today!

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What Are the Different Types Of Dentures?

You can opt for several types of dentures according to the number of teeth you're missing. If you're missing a few teeth, they can be replaced with Partial Dentures, while Complete Dentures are preferred if all of your teeth are supposed to get replaced. The most common varieties of dentures are:


  • Full (Complete) Dentures – for those who are missing all of their teeth

  • Partial Dentures – for patients who are missing some of their teeth

  • Implant- Over Dentures – To assist in decreasing tissue irritation and reducing bone loss


Your requirements determine the kind of dentures that are prescribed for you. Dentures are a great solution if you've lost a tooth or multiple teeth since they maintain the shape of your smile and boost your self-esteem.

Why Are Dentures Important?

When people notice how the appearance of their smile is affected by the loss of multiple teeth, they often think about getting dentures. In addition to being a terrific alternative for people who want to regain their charming, complete smile, dentures also have several other advantages. Here is a list of the benefits of getting dentures:


  • They are easier to clean.

  • They make your smile more attractive.

  • They are personalized according to your mouth.

  • They can decrease difficulties with dental health.

  • They provide you with the freedom to enjoy all kinds of food.


If you’re confused about the procedure, you can arrange a consultation with us so that we can answer all of your questions. Call us right away. We provide several types of dentures through our denture clinic in Fort Saskatchewan which also serves clients residing in Gibbons, Red Water, and Vegreville.

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Artificial removable partial denture

Specialists in Denture Services

A vast range of dental services are available at our denture clinic in Fort Saskatchewan. You can trust our dentists' expertise in providing reliable dental treatments. To read more, click on any of the services mentioned below:


Get in touch with us today to know more about these procedures.

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We Welcome New and Experienced Denture Patients

Some denture clinics may favour their regular patients, but everyone is treated equally at our denture clinic in Fort Saskatchewan. Whether you require complete dentures, partial dentures, or implant-supported over-dentures, our denturist will make sure you have a pleasant experience. You can also contact us if you want same-day denture relines and repairs. We have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a selection of options that are suited to your individual denture needs.

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Removable metal partial denture

Choose Partial Dentures

Have a few missing teeth? Partial dentures are exactly what you need.

Front view of complete denture

Effective Complete Dentures

Lost all your teeth? Get full-coverage dentures at our Fort Saskatchewan clinic.

Teeth model showing an implant crown bridge

Implant-Supported Over-Dentures

These implant-supported removable dentures are a more stable option.

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