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Frequently Asked Questions

At Lone Star Limousine, we get a lot of questions about our services. We’ve answered the most common questions here, but if you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call. 

  • Can I Make Changes to the Booking?
    Any changes to the booking more than 48 hours prior to the booking date will incur a $10 penalty. Any changes to the booking within 48 hours of the booking will incur a $25 penalty.
  • What if the Vehicle I Booked is Not Available?
    If the vehicle you booked is not available, we will give you another vehicle with the exact same features in every way, but in a different colour. If this is an issue, please reach out to us and we can try to adjust accordingly.
  • Are We Allowed to Drink in the Limo?
    Yes! We allow drinks in the limo. We have solo cups, but you should bring your own as well just in case we run out.
  • Can We Make Other Stops on the Way?
    If you choose Hourly Service, then yes, we can make other stops. However, if you choose Point A to B service, other stops will be an extra charge of $55 and up depending on the deviation from the route.
  • What is Your Cancellation Policy?
    More than 2 weeks out, cancellation fee is 10%. Within 2 weeks, cancellation fee is 15%. Within a week, cancellation fee is 18%. Within 72 hours 28% will be deducted. Within 48 hours 38 % will be deducted. Within 24 hours 53% will be deducted. If you booked through text and paid a deposit of $50, the deposit is not refundable in the event of cancellation.



  • Delays of up to 30 minutes 5% discount

  • Delays of up to an hour 10% discount

  • Delays of more than an hour up to two hours 15% discount


In the rare case where the limo couldn’t make it due to an accident or a mechanical failure, we will notify you immediately, and we will do our best to send another vehicle in its place at a discounted price. If we are unable to send you another one in its place, we will refund you fully and give you a 35% discount on the next booking.

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